House Tax

Having an own property in any part of India or elsewhere is one of the most incredible accomplishments that you can ever achieve. Few people are fortunate enough to have their own homes in a city.

But when you have your own property (residential or commercial), then you need to pay the property tax to the municipal authority.

If you live in Pune, then you will need to pay the house tax to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). If you wish to know about the property tax and what steps to pay it online, then this post is for you. If you are an investor you can try the panama investor visa to get more chances to invest in the real estate sector.

What is the property tax?

The property on which you ought to pay the property tax is a real estate asset. It is tangible and is owned by a person. The property on which the tax is collected can be a commercial or a residential or some space that has been rented to another person.

The owner of all these property types is liable to pay some amount to the local Government. The Government’s representatives are municipal corporations in each city that collect the house tax.

The house tax that is collected is based on some formula, and it is notified by several authorities from time to time. When you pay property tax online, you should keep the receipt of the payment made for future references.

The property tax that you pay in Pune can’t be the same in Delhi or Patna.

It is because it varies from locations to locations and is different in multiple cities and municipal authorities.

You need to pay the house tax once a year or as notified by your municipal authorities and many few are exempted from paying it.

Even if you live in a remote area in India, then the property is applicable to you.

If you don’t pay the land tax online or offline, then a penalty is levied by municipal corporations.

What factors affect the property tax collected from you?

The following parameters come into play while deciding the exact payable land tax online or offline. Have a look:

  • The size and the location of your property.
  • Ready for possession and under construction properties.
  • Property owners’ genders. If you are female, then you can enjoy some discounts on your property tax amount.
  • Age of the property owner. Senior citizens are charged lower house tax.
  • Infrastructural facilities being offered by municipal corporations.

Why is the property tax collected?

Property tax is collected by municipal corporations in each city, town and village of India. It is a major source of revenue for such bodies. The basic purpose behind the collection of the property tax is to maintain and develop various infrastructural works. It is to maintain supplies such as water, power, drainage, sewage, road and more.

What steps to follow to pay property tax online?

Nowadays, you can pay property tax online by following simple steps on the website of the respective municipal corporations where your property is located. Take a look at the steps you can follow to do that easily:

  1. Land on the official website of the municipal authority where your property is located.
  2. Choose the ‘Pay Property Tax’ option and enter your property details like property ID, Name and Address, Mobile number etc.
  3. Verify the details to get the exact payable property tax due. 
  4. Click on ‘Make Payment’ and choose your preferred payment options to complete the transaction.
  5. If your transaction is successful, then you will get an acknowledgement or receipt for the same. You can download the same or take its screenshot for future references.

The basics of the house tax are now discussed. If your property tax is due, then you can pay it online from the comforts of your home during the COVID-19, and stay safe.