Internet Of Things has opened the scope for approximately 200 billion smart devices – cars, smartphones, manufacturing machines, medical instruments, and beyond to talk to each other. It was recorded in 2020 that 200 billion devices were interacting with each other. 

From the point of view of cyber security companiesmore interaction of devices on the internet is proportional to malicious activities that can occur anywhere, anytime. 

By 2021, several predictions show a potential for a $6 trillion damage through cybercrime alone. The IBM President, Ginni Rometty, says that “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.”

The need for cyber security is increasing with each passing year, and the good news is that various cyber security companies are ready to help us.

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the process of securing networks, systems, and other digital infrastructure from malicious attacks. Cyber security companies have a team of diligent people who have expertise in how to execute it properly. 

Cyber damages cost companies heavily. Numerous private organizations, government bodies, hospitals, and other institutions understand the threat cyber damages can have to their business. Hence, they outsource cyber security companies to keep them safe from such attacks. 

The best cyber security strategy is when the infrastructure includes multiple layers of protection scattered throughout the company’s programs, computers, and networks. 

Cybercriminals are finding creative ways to intrude networks and systems of large bodies, which have resulted in cyber-attacks occurring every 14 seconds. A business body requires firewalls, antivirus, software, and password management tools to work in perfect harmony. 

The good news is that cyber security companies know precisely how to do it well. 

The Types of Cyber Attacks

 There is no specific way cyber attacks occur. They can appear in different shapes and sizes. Let’s look into the types of Cyber Attacks.


 Malware comprises malicious software which is capable of spyware, ransomware, and viruses. This malware thrives on vulnerabilities on the system like clicking a suspicious link or installing risky applications. 

Once malware gets access to the system, it can block vital business network components. Cybercriminals can also access critical business information, which is a severe risk for the institution. 


 Phishing can be triggered primarily through emails. These emails are disguised as coming from various well-reputed organizations. The email appears with logos, the founder’s name, and other trustable information with a link. However, the link is the trap.

Once you click the link, the criminals hijack sensitive information and intrude into the finance, process, operations networks to disrupt functioning. 

Social Engineering

 Social engineering is the process of psychological manipulation where the victims reveal critical information about their business. Voice manipulation is a widespread trick used by criminals.

In voice manipulation, criminals disguise their voice as the voice of a person’s friend or relative. Information like the victim’s credit card details or PIN is asked through the voice, leading to hacking the accounts and theft of funds.

Man-In-The-Middle Attack

Criminals are entirely capable of executing tricks where they can interfere between two-way party transactions. For instance, when a criminal interferes between WiFi and an individual’s device. A non-protected WiFi network can allow the criminal to view all personal information of the victim. 

Cyber security companies use their cyber security expertise to protect networks and systems of the institution from creating a harmony between firewalls, password systems, internet networks, and beyond.

Top 7 Cyber Security Companies You Must Know About
Top 7 Cyber Security Companies You Must Know About

To Wrap It Up

 Cyber security is an essential requirement for all companies, significantly when cyber threats rise exponentially every year. Outsourcing cyber security companies is a sigh of relief in the information age we live in today.