Alcohol addiction is an increasing problem among women. While women are considered to be less prone to alcoholism than men, statistics show a sudden increase in alcohol consumption among women. The %age of women reporting alcohol use disorder has drastically increased from 2016 to 2019. In 2019, around 8% of the women between 18 and 25 years of age reported alcohol abuse disorder. 

Also, according to a 2019 survey on NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health) published in the NIAAA report, 14.5 million people of age 12 and above has alcohol use disorder. Out of this, 9 million and men, and 5.5 million are women. alcohol use and misuse among women is increasing. 

This increase in the percentage of women misusing alcohol seems to create an epidemic that would impact American families in the future. If your friend or spouse is struggling with alcohol abuse, it’s high time to look for an inpatient rehab Boston and encourage them to receive treatment from there.

The professionals in the Boston rehab facilities understand that no two addictions are the same. Thus, they create a smart recovery plan based on the individual needs. Furthermore, when your female friend, sister, mother, or spouse is receiving treatment in an alcohol detox in Boston, there are few things you should never say to her, like-

Don’t Shame Them

Irrespective of age or gender, anyone can get addicted to alcohol and drugs. Just like a disease, it can happen to anyone. If a female is struggling with alcohol abuse, it doesn’t mean that you should shame her. Instead, you should treat them normally and encourage them to seek treatment at an alcohol rehab Boston. Some of the phrases you should avoid saying to a woman who has alcohol addiction are-

  • I didn’t expect this from you.
  • You never seemed like someone who would consume drugs or alcohol.
  • I don’t want to associate with alcohol or drug users.
  • You are a stigma to our family, etc.

Replace these phrases with things, like-

  • I am always here to support you.
  • You can share your feelings with me anytime.
  • You don’t have to be ashamed of what you are going through.
  • I am proud that you are making an effort to break free from addiction.

Don’t Rush Things

While ‘quitting’ sounds easy, it is the toughest challenge people with alcohol addiction face. Be kind to them and don’t rush things. Avoid saying things like ‘Just stop taking alcohol,’ or ‘Why can’t you stop drinking?’

If they happen to quit alcohol and drugs at once, they may feel life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Don’t exert control over them, or the situation may worsen.

Never Ever Give Them Ultimatums

Women are emotional. If they express their reason for taking alcohol, don’t get angry or issue ultimatums, like ‘Choose between me or alcohol.’ It will make them feel isolated or abandoned. Moreover, such ultimatums will make it difficult for them to share anything with you in the future. 

Make them feel loved. Don’t force or pressure them into going to drug rehab near me Boston. Just try to make them understand how good their life will be without alcohol or drugs. Talk about all the positive things or day-to-day happenings, and not just talk about drug rehab near me

If possible, try to accompany them to the alcohol detox and cheer them up for their effort. Contact the drug rehab facilities in Boston now and seek help from professional treatment providers.