5 Custom Jewelry You Can Plan To Gift Your Partner in London

Everyone loves receiving gifts from their loved ones on special occasions. People often get confused about what to gift their friends or partners on birthdays, anniversaries, or sometimes randomly for no reason. Even though gifts can be anything, custom jewelry is the usual choice when it comes to gifting one’s partner. Here are five customized jewelry ideas for anyone who plans to gift jewelry to their partners in London.

Custom Jewelry Ideas to gift

It is quite easy for people in London to gift their partners good quality personalized jewelry with Hatton garden jewelers help. The most popular custom jewelry includes rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings. What is usually called the wedding or engagement rings hatton garden are the best examples of personalized jewelry. It is comparatively easy to customize rings, and inscribing dates or names on the interior or exterior of the ring, is one of the easiest ways of doing it. One can also alter the designs of rings or add birthstones or any other gemstones of the partner’s interest while gifting.


Just like rings, one can also gift customized bracelets and pendants to their partners. Bracelets usually have charms attached to it, and people can choose the design of their interest or carve something over those charms or even inscribe names on them. In pendants, name pendants are the most pleasing customization usually done, and it is one of the trending gifts for partners. Other kinds of custom pendants include gemstone pendants, picture pendants, logo pendants, number pendants, etc.


Necklaces are the jewelry pieces worn around the neck, made out of metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc. and are also customized and gifted to people. Since necklaces usually have some attachments like pendants, lockets, amulets, or gemstones, it is easy to get customized. Custom necklaces can be made by altering its attachments to suit the likes and interests of the receiver. One can also gift their partners custom necklaces with names or some message inscribed in it.

Even though earrings are common as a gift, custom earrings are quite rare. Earrings are customized moreover over design and use of precious stone rather than engravings of any kind. However, it is possible to create earrings with names and logos, and therefore those who wish to give exceptional gifts to anyone one including their partners, such rare custom earrings can be used.


Gifts are usually given to express the emotions of love or gratitude. People put in a lot of effort into finding the most suitable gift for their loved ones, and jewelry is among those. Since gifts are much personal, people would prefer to have personalized jewelry. The Hatton Gardens Jewellers are ready to provide the best custom jewelry for those in London to gift their partners. The jewelry that is usually gifted to partners is rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings, and these provide people a wide scope of customization. Customization can be done on the base metal used to the additional ornamentations possible following individual preferences.