5 Reasons to Wear a Watch

Whether you are wearing one to an event or as a tool to inform you on time, there are a variety of reasons why you should own a watch. Contrary to most people’s thoughts, these accessories can be worn by anyone regardless of gender, age, or economic status.

Bell & Ross watches in Thailand are among the most popular wristwatch collections. They are designed in a unique square exterior shape and a circular interior. Among the common models are BR-03, BR-05, BR-03-92-Diver, BR-X1, BR-Vintage, and BR-S.

Many likable features come with Bell & Ross watches in Thailand. They are popularly known as aviation watches, suitable for wearing in the cockpit. Among their most desirable features include their water resistance ability.

If you are looking for a luxury watch to complete your fashion sense, they are your go-to pieces. These watches are also comfortable and are available in a wide variety where you can choose casual, sports, vintage or classic pieces from the collection.

Why Should I Wear a Watch?

If you are wondering why a watch is such an important part of your fashion life, here are 6 reasons why you should wear it proudly:

1. For Convenience

It’s easier to lift your wrist than reaching out for your phone whenever you need to check the time. Sometimes when using the phone for this purpose, you might get carried away by its other features to an extent of forgetting your original reason for taking it out of the purse or pocket. With a watch, however, checking time is easier and more convenient because that’s its primary purpose. In addition, most wristwatches may lack additional features that cause such distractions.

You may also find yourself in events where phone usage is restricted. Your wristwatch comes in handy at such a time when you need to know the time.

2. High Functionality

Compared to other gadgets, a watch can remain functional for a long time. Over time, they have been modified to serve people in different recreational or professional fields.

A watch can remain in use for years and all it requires is a little maintenance. Compared to smartphones that have to be regularly powered or charged, the amount of energy required to run it is much lower. This takes us back to the first point, convenience.

3. Simplicity

Most luxury and vintage watches don’t rely on digital technology. Instead, they are traditionally designed and powered using mechanical clockwork that’s nothing less than ingenious prowess. If you intend to keep time with minimal distraction, a wristwatch is what you require.

4. Style

You can wear a watch as a fashion statement. They come in different styles, materials, colors, and shapes, making them as suitable to complete your fashion sense as any other ornament. You can match it with your cufflinks, bracelets, handbag straps, shoes, or any other piece of outfit on your body.

Wristwatches speak boldly of your class and fashion taste. They also add to your elegance and are a mode of expression that tells your audience about your personality.

5. A Representation of Art and Craftsmanship

In addition to timekeeping, your watch can act as an art piece that depicts creativity and extreme craftsmanship. This is attributed to the details and complexity of its design. A lot of work is channeled to most of these pieces. Watches that are highly crafted and detailed may have taken several months of time and energy. This can be visible through the painting or the uniqueness highlighted in the design of that time-keeping instrument.


In an era of digital and technological advancement, it’s normal to wonder if you need a watch. Following the reasons highlighted in this segment, you’ll realize that owning and wearing a watch comes with many advantages. It bars you from the distractions that come with smartphones and other devices. Watches are also convenient for use in different environments such as under the water where phones may not work.

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