From small businesses to global enterprises, everybody recognises the importance of social media. Why? Because they are aware that it can translate to the success and growth of their business if capitalised properly.

But the ever-changing social media algorithms make it tough to generate engagement with your social media posts. However, with the help of several simple ideas, you can make your message more appealing to more of your target audience.

If you want the maximum returns out of your social media marketing campaigns, proper engagement is the catalyst that will spark interactions across your social presence.

To make sure you never miss any opportunity to drive more engagement, follow these tips to prepare compelling social media content.

Insight #1. Dive in to research

Pretty much everything in marketing is deeply steeped in research, and the social media content is no exception. A blunder that marketers often commit is forgetting about the significance of research and how essential it is in achieving social success. Research is the foundation of your social media marketing’s foundation. If you want to derive the highest levels of engagement from your social media content, then you need to put a substantial amount of time for research.

You need to understand who your audience is, who’s most likely to interact with your posts and how you can target them. You should also learn about the topics you should be touching upon, and industry keywords you should be used to elevate the engagement.

Pro-tip: Don’t cut corners when it comes to research. Making it mandatory allows you to set yourself up to succeed in your endeavours when it comes to your social media strategy.

Insight #2. Include the perfect hashtags

The hashtags are inarguably the most notable symbols on the internet today, so much so that it was even incorporated to the Oxford Dictionary in 2010.

But, hashtags aren’t just buzzwords, they are an efficient tool for engagement for marketers and social media users. Their fundamental objective is content tagging and discovery, but the use of hashtags differs depending on the social platforms.

You can help discover your social media content by adding relevant hashtags and industry keywords. Find out about the popular and relevant hashtags on a specific topic related to your industry. You can even create your own hashtags to get the conversation going.

Pro-tip: Check how many hashtags you use in your brand’s posts. Posts with limited hashtags receive more engagement on Twitter and Facebook. Instagram, on the other hand, requires at least 5-10 hashtags per post.

Insight #3. Quality trumps quantity

Churning out social media posts every hour won’t provide the level of engagement you desire. Rather you may end up irritating to your audience – and, in turn, losing the precious followers.

Presenting quality content comes with several perks, the numero uno of which is that it’s engaging to your audience. Good quality content develops a sense of trust among your followers who will appreciate and share what you publish. Quality content strengthens your brand’s reputation over time. As a result, your followers will see you as a reliable source.

Ultimately, the more appealing your content is, the more traffic you’ll notice to your brand’s website. This also means more opportunities to increase ROI.

Pro-tip: While it’s great for brands to be active on social media, but to initiate meaningful social interaction and elevate the engagement, the social media content quality needs to be optimum.

Insight #4. Switch up the content every now and then

If you’re posting similar content for weeks, it’s time you change things up. Switching up your social media content weekly, or even daily, will boost follower engagement and interaction.

For instance, on Twitter, you could post an interactive marketing video one day, then, in your next post, take your followers through what it’s like to work at your company with an employee takeover.

Entertain your readers with GIFs, photos, and web links. Use all the resources you have gathered at your disposal to constantly mix up your content for your social followers to enjoy.

Pro-tip: You can also use social media content tracker tools. You can use social media marketing management software like Sprout Social or HubSpot for creating and publishing social media posts. Or, you can try the old school way and use a simple spreadsheet to track all our efforts. This is to make sure you deliver different types of social content each day without replicating the previous posts.

Insight #5. Join the conversations

Promoting your brand, and its products are all good practice, but new situations present opportunities to network with new people, and it’s crucial to be a part of the conversations.

You can multiply the social engagement by joining the conversations that are happening in your industry. Continuing a discussion is one of the smartest ways to ensure a steady flow of follower engagement. Search topical conversations across social channels, use your knowledge and expertise about the latest trends and maintain relationships with those in the same fields.

Pro-tip: Entering in conversations in a different group that is relevant to your business will increase your chances of reaching your target audience.

Insight #6. Highlight your brand’s personality

You can have the most intriguing and informative posts on the internet, but what really drives the engagement is the personality of your brand.

A 2018 survey conducted by Ascened2 and published by eMarketer, 63% of marketers, believed that data-driven personalisation is a tough tactic to execute.

In fact, consumers expect brands to serve them personalised content often. To achieve the high levels of engagement, marketers need to anticipate what their target audience will think, feel, say and do across different scenarios.

Famous sportswear brand Nike’s brand personality is empowerment. The need for empowerment connects the consumer and the brand to something more meaningful than just the products they sell.

Pro-tip: Brand personality can involve lifestyle, humour, excitement, innovation, and sophistication.

Since you’ve come this far into the post, here’s a bonus tip for you.

Insight #7. Ask for feedback

There’s no better way to get your social followers engaged than by asking for feedback or reviews to the content you publish. Urge your audience to share their opinions through feedback on a specific service or product you offer.

Many consumers may be keen to talk about the products they like and the ones they think could use some improvements.

Pro-tip: Always let people know that you’d like to hear from them. Reviews and feedback will help improve your services and products as well as promote brand awareness for potential customers.

Winding it up,

Before you create your social media content, consider these essential tips that will boost social engagement to every post you publish. After all, the whole point of creating intriguing content is to drive more engagement by getting people to interact with your posts.