Creating art is tough, but marketing is more challenging. However, with new innovative techniques of selling art available in the market, the customer base is more comprehensive for the artists. Even though art is considered a luxury product, the right knowledge about the consumer base and marketing method can land you fantastic offers and make your art stand out. It can give you an edge over your competitors and ensure that your clients’ needs are met.

Art sales vary significantly for every artist, and it majorly depends on the marketing strategy the artist chooses. Here are some of the cool ways to make your art customer-centric and make them coming back to you for more.

  1. Giveaways and Competitions

For the new generation of art enthusiasts, giveaways are a fresh tactic of marketing. As an artist, you can hold competitions to engage your target audience on social media and organize giveaways to gain their attention. You can have polls for people to decide which artwork they would be interested in buying and then surprise one of the voters with an artwork gift. You can make handmade wooden decorations and tree ornaments like German Christmas Ornaments. However, make sure you don’t give away an art piece that has taken you a lot of time and energy to complete.

These giveaways and competitions can help you how important it is to follow you and be a part of your consumer base. You can announce the winners on all your social media platforms, websites, etc. to inform the public and have a wider reach. Giving away free art occasionally can also show that you care about your art, and it has more value and emotions than just money.

  1. Ads

With social media marketing, the audience comes across too many similar ads. It can get confusing for the buyers, and the engagement might stay low. Therefore, to make your ads engaging to the audience, you need to polish your ads by making them more informative, customer-centric, and entertaining. You can make small time-lapse videos of your art and the process to engage the buyers. It could feel more personal to them, and there are more chances they will be interested in buying your art.

  1. Trendy Livestreams

Another way to build your marketing strategy is to schedule live streams on Instagram or YouTube. You can also talk to your followers/subscribers about the process of making art, your inspiration behind a piece, or have a Q & A session. The audience may feel connected with personal interactions. Intimate branding goes a long way in art marketing.

  1. Local Art Displays

The famous proverb ‘Old is Gold’ still holds. Having local art shows and displays can land you a loyal clientele base who will keep coming back to your art exhibitions for more. You can send personalized invitations to the loyal base of customers who regularly attend your shows and feel a sense of attachment to your art. 

Art auctions can also help you earn more money and strengthen your art marketing strategy. Another tip you can follow is to initially open your art exhibition to a selected group of buyers before opening it for the public. Buyers will feel special and invest more time engaging with your art.

  1. Communication and Handwritten notes

Personalized notes go a long way toward a good marketing strategy. In this world, where everything is digital, handwritten gifts and letters hold a lot of power. Whenever somebody purchases artwork from you, surprise your buyer with a handwritten note, thanking them for their support and appreciation. 

Sending short messages can mean a lot to your buyers. You can also message them personally or email them about new art pieces or offers to keep them in the loop. They will feel personally cared for, and it will show efforts from your side too. More people might get attracted to your art because of your marketing efforts.

  1. Sell Art Online

There are many online sites available where you can sell your work without spending money on resources. Online sites cater to every artist who does not have the means to spend money or wish to have a broader target audience. Some platforms like Saatchi art and ARTMO provide some tremendous online art marketing opportunities. You can also connect with other artists on such platforms and take inspiration.

  1. Special Offers

Select customers deserve special offers. You can always surprise your favorite regular ones with new offers, discounts, free shipping, or gifts. It can help you have a stronghold on your existing clients, making them respect your art even more. This small token of love and gratitude can help you form long-lasting professional and personal relations.

Art marketing goes beyond creating art and putting it out there. It involves strategizing, communication, and a lot of fresh branding ideas. To sell any product, you need patience. Keep trying new things, send your appreciation to your buyers, share insights, and have faith in your art.