Choose Appropriate Jacobson Golf Course Mowers For Its Maintenance

The owners of a golf course must be aware that it is highly expensive to care for and maintain a golf course. The maintenance tools themselves come with a heavy price tag, thus it is essential to choose the golf course equipment wisely to get it worth your money. Golf Course is a large and wide area that requires utmost care and perfection, which is impossible without high-tech equipment and tools such as Jacobsen golf course mowers. Mowers ensure uniformity in the turf of the entire Golf Course and make it appear well maintained. The common types of mowers include:

Reel Mowers

Real Movers make sure to cut the grass closely and precisely without touching the roots and are also traditionally used for grass mowing. Many real mowers are fully automatic or manually hand-operated that can trim the grass with utmost perfection. A typical reel mower is equipped with 5 to 7 blades to attain desired trim and turf quality. Reel mowers are also used to maintain your backyard, which possesses helical structured blades combined in horizontal positions for trimming. Advanced Jacobsen golf course mowers can cover large areas equipped with 1-5 reels with 3 or 7 blades that can be chosen according to the requirement to carry out turf maintenance quickly. 

Rotary Mowers

Rotary mowers are designed after the reel mowers and used to cut the grass horizontally like a chopper. The advanced mechanism of rotary mowers is gaining massive popularity in the market as they are easier to operate as their rotary blades trim the grass from upwards.

The high speed and rotating blades of rotary mowers cut the grass vertically and are considered to be quicker than reel mowers. However, if not used properly, rotary mowers can cause damage to the roots, but due to their rapid speed and perfection, they are preferred over reel mowers. 

 Choosing the right mowers

Where reel mowers provide cutting precision in the tee box areas, blades of rotary mowers are appropriate for handling rough surfaces. Both types of mowers are efficient in performing their designated tasks, and choosing an appropriate one can give you desired facilities and results for long working hours. It is advisable to buy golf course mowers capable of running 3-5 blades at a time to maintain your large golf course. If you are looking for unparalleled perfection for trimming your golf course, the performance of helical structured reel mowers is unbeatable. However, if you do not want to cut the grass at a lower height, nothing can compare to the performance and quick working of rotary mowers on large and rough grounds.