Creating a career in the domain of Cloud Computing is the current Information Technology world’s topmost charm in the year 2020, and attaining certificates is validating your abilities – which enhance the probability of achieving a high salary within the industry. However, MS Azure is progressing with time, and since AZ-103 was removed, it brings together a prolonged and innovative certificate of AZ-104.

The examination of AZ-104 is the consideration – which is required to get MS Practiced: Azure Administrator – Associate – Certificate from MS. Applicants for this examination are the Azure Administrators, and they handle cloud-related services – which span the storage, security, network, and entire cloud abilities.

Applicants own a detailed understanding regarding every service throughout the entire Information Technology lifecycle; take requests for the substructure facilities, apps, and settings. They make approvals on the facilities to utilize for best performance, along with delivery, scope, display, and regulate the sources accordingly.

What Is Azure Administrator Certification?

The MS Azure Certificate of AZ-104 is geared to the ones who apply, achieve, and observe identity, power, storing, compute, and computer-generated networks within the cloud setting. Azure Administrator would observe, size, and regulate sources accordingly.

Who This Certification Is For?

  • Those who are in the field of vending or buying Cloud-based services and resolutions or those who have any kind of involvement in the Cloud-based facilities and solutions.
  • Any person who has a prior technical background and is interested to authenticate their administrator-level understanding of Cloud services.
  • This certificate examination improves your abilities and validates them among the organization where you are working; therefore, it makes you prominent.

Being an Azure Administrator, your duty would consist of executing, controlling, and observing identity, and storing, computing, and computer-generated networks within the cloud setting. You would be in a role where you’re a member of a large team, accountable for executing cloud substructure.

Azure Administrator Certification – Measured Skills

In recent times, MS broadcast that they had postponed performance-based lab queries because of the pandemic situation of COVID-19 to keep the Azure capacity for repaying consumers, so in that case, you might interested to get enroll in your examination as early as imaginable to possibly get advantage from that. The topmost subject domain in the examination are storage and networking, and here you would imagine lots of analysis and loads of tabular exploration, so in case you don’t have expertise in it, then first get yourself ready beforehand.

The test queries of configuration would assess, in case, you have practical experience within the Azure portal. If a person has pre-requirements then they would identify the relevant answer, however, if a person doesn’t have then they would make efforts with these queries. Generally, it’s good to claim that the newest Azure examination does reflect everyday Azure situations.


Once you complete the necessary content in the MS Azure Administrator certification examination, it’s a great time to assess your abilities by making use of practice tests. If it’s your most initial MS certificate examination, we suggest you consider the MS certification examination formats as well as questions kinds and also consider MS examination queries shape that particularly assesses your level of knowledge and practice on abilities which are stated earlier.

You would find out numerous websites on the internet which offer free of cost practicing tests, just like examination topics website. Moreover, you would also consider some of the other blogs on MS Azure Administrator scenario-related interview queries and answers, as well as assess your abilities in measured topics.

Study Guideline

As a way to get ready yourself for the examination, you would easily consider 6-modules MS Azure Administrator self-study course – which is offered by MS that delivers you with fundamental level understanding on account to clear the examination. In the meanwhile, ensure you are practicing each step by yourself. If a person opts to keep attending online courses or else lookout some linked videography, you would simply get enroll in any of the online MS Azure Administrator learning programs.

When you are getting yourself prepared for this examination, you would observe that it comprises numerous subjects – which require a lot of time to get expertise on it. On the other side, to clear this examination, a good level of understanding and hands-on abilities which are mentioned earlier subjects would be quite enough as well. Being a trainer, you are required to get ready for the examination as a way to become capable to comprehend and deal with the demands of the customer and train the trainee by attaining all necessary knowledge.

Certificate Candidate

This examination is particularly aimed at intermediate-level Azure Administrators who have a minimum of 6-months of practical experience in the administration of Azure, along with a good level of knowledge about dynamic services of Azure, Azure loads of work, safety, and supremacy. These Administrators of Azure are accountable to administer the cloud substructure of an organization. It consists of implementation, management, and observing identity, power, storage, and computer-generated networks within a cloud setting, along with provision, observation, size, and manage the resources, at whatever time there is a need. The task of the Azure Administrator demands a good level of understanding and expertise in so many aspects, which includes:

  • Configuration and Installation of OS
  • Concepts about Active Directory, which includes areas, forests, field controllers, duplication, the protocol of Kerberos, and Lightweight-Directory Accessibility Protocol (L-D-A-P)
  • Virtualization, that consist of V-Ms, computer-generated hard disks, and computer-generated networking
  • Cloud and storage substructure
  • Networking, that includes IP/T-C-P, Domain – Name – System (D-N-S), virtual – private – networks (V-P-Ns), encryption tools, and firewalls
  • Flexibility recovery, which includes standby and restoring operations

Career flexibility

The certificates of MS Azure are much essential when following a career in the domain of cloud computing. Moreover, it provides scalable career opportunities. MS Azure certificates assist safe credible roles. MS Azure also provides 9-role based certificates – which would enhance your adaptability in your particular role and within the organization where you work. There’re so many advantages – which are linked by making use of cloud computing, and many of the businesses are moving their load of work towards the cloud.

By having any of the ms azure architect certification, you might find yourself managing, develop, and implement the services of cloud in other departments just like economics, health-care, funding, administration, or protection. A lot of experts in cloud computing who hold the certification of MS Azure fulfill the job roles throughout the globe – which includes remote designations in the region of Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, and France), the United States, Asia, and so many.