Five best artists for hire in 2021
Five best artists for hire in 2021

Music tastes and how we consume media have shifted a lot in the last year.  From 2020s throwback fever bringing Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton back into the front of music conversation, to the sudden popularity of sea shanties because of Tik Tok: there’s a lot to take in!  Unfortunately, one major shift was the disappearance of concerts in 2020.  Almost every major artist canceled their in-person performances and shifted towards online and private versions only.

The good thing for us is that means there’s a lot of incredible talent out there for hire!  Whether you’re hiring for a social distancing picnic, or you want a star-studded Zoom call- here are the top artists for hire in 2021.

Bruce Williamson JR.

Sometimes you need passion in your music to help heighten any moment or online gathering.  Bruce Williamson Junior, formerly part of the temptations, has worked hard for decades to elevate the music.  His voice and demeanor are incredible, and he’s been dazzling at shows for the House of Blues for a decade.  You can’t go wrong hiring him to perform for you.

John Born

If you aren’t sure what type of performance you want, John Born is there for you.  Not only can he sing, play the piano, and dance- he’s also even happy to paint for you on stage: he can be quoted saying he’d do all of that at once if allowed!

Chechi Sarai

A fresh voice with some new takes on different well-known music styles is what sets this artist apart.  A Michigan native who has roots in several different backgrounds, Chechi has a surreal and ethereal voice that plays against some of her rougher lyrics.  She’s proud of where she came from, and it’s apparent that she’s going to go far.  After working with several different artists as background vocals and writers, she’s forging her path as an artist: don’t miss out on her while you can still hire her!

Britney! One More Time

Britney Spears is one of the most famous artists of the last twenty-three years.  Since her single “Hit Me Baby One More Time” broke several records after getting released in 1998, it’s been hit after hit.  Ashley Pitzer was inspired by this and has created a career around getting to be a Britney impersonator.  This 29-year-old star brings the same energy and skill while having fun on stage.

Jim Barone

If 2020 is anything to base its successor on, then we can expect throwback music to go even further.  A big name that never stops bopping is the King himself, Elvis Prestley.  Although he’s no longer with us, his music still has a potent effect on anyone who listens to it.  Jim Barone keeps that magic alive and puts on an incredible performance.  

As an Elvis impersonator, this pro has learned how to perfect the voice, the dance, and the attitude that keeps fans coming back for more.  His shows are stunning and exciting, and he’d be a great addition to any online or social distanced event!