Necklace designs
Necklace designs

Necklaces are the most common adornment when it comes to gold Jewellery, out of a plethora of necklace models some styles come and go, some make a powerful comeback, and there are those that deny going off the shelves- evergreen, timeless and classical, these designs are forever. Here are a few such designs that unequivocally top the list.

Kasula Peru

Empowering, old fashioned, relic yet contemporary in thought- the design of the kasulaperu remains untouched with Laksmi Devi embossed gold coins outlining the basic, it has variations upended to it in the latest Kasula Peru. This is a cocktail necklace that is often replicated in the form of gold Haram designstoo.The kasulaperu is now increasingly sought after as a necklace, as a haram, and as a bridal adornment. There is a widespread conception of how gold is auspicious and when it is entirely decked with Lakshmi Devi mudrika, it is even more defining.

Traditional paisley design

Paisley’s design has been associated with Indian culture since times unknown. A blueprint of the mango leaf design, the paisley design is traditionally called “Mavidapindelu”. They are also used to decorate the doors in the form of festoons. The design and its correlation to Indian culture are so deep that it took the ornamental form too. Its wide acceptance across every state is what makes this design highly famous. A design of this intensity is sure to create a great gold necklace.

Lakshmi embossed necklace

Goddess Lakshmi associated with holiness, wealth, and prosperity is another popular design, this necklace model comes in pendant form i.e. the centre holds the deity and it is skirted on either side with floral designs or intricate abstract art sculpting that are regularly found on the temple walls. The Lakshmi embossed necklace is another bridal selection that definitely needs a second look.

Peacock Necklace

Ever thought you could capture the grace, poise, and elegance of a peacock? Then bring home the peacock necklace. An embodiment of elegance peacocks are profoundly depicted throughout the ancient civilization as a humble, polite, poised bird with its dance and walk. The attractive bird when crocheted into a design gives life to the necklace. Peacock necklaces are designed in multiple ways, either an oversized peacock occupying the centre stage or peacocks finesse used for contouring either ends. Whatever be the means, a peacock necklace is surely a timeless piece that can be passed across through generations.

Temple Art cynosure necklace

The temple art necklaces are simple startling with their intricate, milgrain design, close knit grouping, and precise chisel. While some are entirelyhandmade, others are famous for their design ascents which are machine made. Temple art forms are predominantly of lord Krishna, lord Ganesha, populated with floral vines etc. Truly authentic, these patterns stood the test of time, impactful and empowering. There are several variations you can find in them, with stone studding, with south sea pearl dangles, with golden orbs lining, etc.

Hope you have good insights on the ever thriving gold necklace designs, if you are eyeing to buy them online, then do not forget to do your bit of research, reach out to a reputed, well-established Jeweller who is also well known for their exclusive designs.