There are many brands of smartphones on the market. Every brand has its uniqueness and features and prices vary from brand to brand. Out of all these brands, iPhone is one of the well-known brands which everyone wishes to have. Also, iPhone 5 is one of the best phone models in the world. Having an iPhone is a status symbol these days. Generally, iPhones cannot be afforded by everyone because they are expensive. They are expensive due to this good brand image and also of its unique feature which other android phones does not possess. But yes, like other smartphones, iPhone are prone to damage. Even if they are highly developed and are of superior quality, they get damage sometimes, both internally and externally. So, they are needed to be handled carefully. You may accidentally drop your phone and break the screen, battery health gets worse or any virus damaging your data.

If your iPhone gets damaged, you can’t even think of getting a new one because of its high price. Then the only solution you have is getting your broken iPhone repair. Many authorized service centres are providing you services regarding the broken screen or charger jack repair, virus removal, battery replacement, liquid damage, repair of a home button etc. These service providers also have the basic accessories for your iPhone. Some repairs like screen and battery replacement can be done in a single day whereas some repairs take time. The authorized service providers will repair your iPhone with genuine products. The price of the repair will be told you after the examination of the phone. So, it is always a good idea of getting your iPhone repaired instead of buying a new one.

Following are some of the situation where you can get your phone repaired instead of getting a new one:

  • Battery- Battery of an iPhone has a good life span. After years of using, the battery may get damaged. You can get your battery fixed and the cost depends upon the model you are using. It can take a few hours to a few days depending upon the condition of the phone and also on the repair service shop.
  • Virus removal- Virus can enter into your phone through any document or link sent by others. This can wreck all your data like images, documents, files etc. The technicians will help you to repair your iPhone by removing viruses and malware in a few hours. If not removed, the virus can cause severe damage to your iPhone and you can lose all your data.
  • Screen- if you drop your phone accidentally, you need not worry to get a new one. The iPhone screen can be repaired regardless of which model you are using. The professionals have this expertise to get your screen fixed and make it look better than your previous one. This can be done within a few hours.
  • Camera issue- Sometimes, the camera clicks blurry picture or it becomes black. That means your camera has some issues and you need to get it to fix. It is fixed by replacing the old with the new camera fittings.

So, it is not always advisable to go for a new iPhone if you face the above issues. You can get it fixed from the best iPhone repairs shop. These services are also available online and they will come to your place to fix it.