Hotel management is one of the fast growing fields in the hospitality sector. The increasing trends and demand for such jobs in the hospitality industry are providing a good opportunity to the candidates who are looking to start a career in this field. Hotel management Jobs is multi-skilled and includes multiple technical skills such as food and beverage service, back office operations, human resource, sales and advertising etc. Most of the Hotel Management Institute in Delhi offers diploma, certificate or degree courses in hotel management

Almost all the professional colleges and universities in India offer a variety of hotel management courses. Candidates from different states or countries can apply for these programs. Usually the institute to look at the individual qualifications and communication skills before admitting the students. For the convenience of the applicants, admission is made available through the college’s official website.

Before getting admission into any institute, candidates need to submit their application in detail to make sure they get admission in the best possible institute. There are many institutes that provide different kinds of program. Some of them offer one on one teaching by the Professors. Other institutes offer computer based training programs. Candidates need to decide the kind of program that suits them best.

Hotels and other forms of lodging business in India include various categories such as heritage, luxury, boutique, chains, budget, five star, high yield, specialty, premium chains etc. There are lots of multinational companies and small companies operating in India. Most of the companies hire experienced and trained staffs from the local and foreign colleges and universities. These staffs have better communication skills and ability to understand the customer’s needs and requirements.

Since most of the hotel management courses are designed according to the qualification and experience of the staffs, most of the colleges have set eligibility criteria for the recruitment process. Generally, every candidate who wishes to get enrolled into a reputed college needs to fulfill one or more of the eligibility criteria listed by the colleges. Some of these eligibility criteria are listed below.

To be eligible for hotel manager posts one needs to have minimum experience of at least 5 years of working experience. The candidate who has a degree in Hotel Management will also be required to fulfill one or more of the criteria. Those who are pursuing their degrees at university colleges are required to complete at least 100 hours of theoretical and practical studies.

The candidates who are completing their hotel management courses at recognized institutes such as IAHM, IHMs are eligible to apply for a job interview at any reputed hotels after the completion of their courses. Candidates who are eligible for the job interview are advised to keep themselves in touch with their college, so that they may know when the interviews will be conducted. When getting prepared for the entrance test, all candidates should remember to follow the instructions of their college, as they will provide details on the format of the examination.

The candidates who complete the required number of hotel management courses with a positive mark percentage are eligible to apply for a job in the industry. The candidates can also pursue further courses, in case they do not qualify for a job. However, the candidate will not be able to pursue higher education in management without a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration from an accredited college. Candidates who complete two years of relevant work experience in the hospitality industry under the supervision of a senior manager are eligible to apply for a position in the field.