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Diversity has become a synonym to coworking spaces today all over the globe. Working professionals from diverse backgrounds utilize coworking spaces for their purposes. The shared office spaces  are shared by professionals of various backgrounds, cultures, languages, and regions. This itself brings in people with a variety of mindset and  different perspectives but driven by one common goal ‘To achieve their goals. As per the researchers’ study on how employees thrive, it is found that the coworking space professionals are found to have an average of 6 on 7-point scale. That is a point more than the average for employees working from traditional office spaces. So, let’s take a look at the driving factors for the success of these professionals.

Diversity in Environment

The furnished office space is open for people  from all backgrounds from freelancers, budding entrepreneurs, accountants, and organizations to name a few. With remote working being the norm, the workspace houses even the moving crowd. The shared office space opens up opportunities to build bonds with diverse people. Bonds established on the grounds of self-respect go for long. These not only aid in networking but also takes just a call in need to hire, or partner.

People utilizing coworking spaces are passionate

Working professionals utilizing the plug and play office premises hold themselves accountable to themselves. They value their time and put in effort on the job they are extremely passionate about. They do not work just because it is allocated to them, but because they are in an innovative field finding a business solution. The business center is occupied by these self-driven individuals thereby infusing the enthusiasm in the environment itself.

Accessibility of coworking spaces aids in building relationships

Office for rent is accessible 24/7. People needing to use it till late at night can extend their timing based on availability. Suppose, it is a festival or function nearby home causing disturbance for your work,  schedule and continuing to work without hindrances. This accessibility to an uninterrupted working environment with internet, cloud, virtual assistant, conference rooms, and café makes it attractive for self-driven individuals. Flexibility to use the space anytime also opens up to meet people using the space at various times. 

Coworking spaces are breeding ground for innovations

In recent times, it is found that coworking space in Hyderabad  have been the places where apps and business solutions are coming into existence. The furnished space with all the facilities at economical rates leaves self-driven people in their pursuit to create products to suit market needs. Coworking spaces have witnessed few people teams growing to a hundred and going for crowdfunding. To be in company with these charged team members will ooze the environment with enthusiasm and motivate others to become a better version of themselves. The competition is stirred with themselves rather than with each other as seen in traditional office spaces.

Coworking spaces build community

Coworking spaces have events organized at regular intervals. This is an opportunity to showcase your product to a small niche of people. This works two ways. First is marketing within a small group of people whose feedback would help in the future as they are charged up by people just like you. This is also an opportunity to be the brand ambassador for your product as well as take up the role of leader for your product. These events bring everyone in the space together thereby building community. A community that works and thrives together though in their respective fields. 

iKeva offers professionals to collaborate and grow!

The coworking spaces around the globe ascertain the fact that plug and play offices house a community that is eagerly learning, collaborating with each other’s work and growth, and sustaining in challenging times of COVID-19 too. The coworking space market across the globe is expected to grow from $7.97 billion in 2020 to $8.14 billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 2.1%. Further, the markets are projected to reach $13.03 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 12%. These numbers speak volumes about the reasons behind the growth of the industry. 

iKeva offers workspaces in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. iKeva has various membership options to select to suit your options. The coworking spaces have an uninterrupted power supply, internet, cloud storage, virtual assistant, conference rooms for our members. The members have flexible options to use the facilities in any metro city in their spaces. Still wondering whether it would be a feasible option, it’s time for an action call iKeva.

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