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How Often Should You Keep Your Office Carpet Clean?

Keeping your office carpet clean can become a daunting task if you have heavy traffic areas. Lobby traffic can bring in additional dirt from the outside. Delivery people can add to the issue with heavy carts and dollies that can leave residue from the street.

Hiring carpet cleaning services assures that your carpet is maintained, prolonging its lifespan. The question becomes, how often should you have your office carpet cleaned and to what extent.

Keep reading for a quick guide on maintaining a schedule for cleaning the carpet in your place of business.

Whose Responsibility Is It to Keep the Office Carpet Clean?

Most property management companies have schedule cleaning as part of their routine maintenance. It’s the responsibility of businesses renting office space to keep carpets as clean as possible.

Businesses want to have nice offices for their clients to visit. To ensure your carpet looks good in between services, instill in your staff the importance of keeping the office looking nice.

Hiring a Professional Cleaner

If you own your office or are responsible for routine office cleaning, you may want to hire professional house cleaning services by Cleaning Spaces. They also clean home offices and commercial spaces.

With a professional cleaner, you have a set cleaning schedule. How often should carpet be cleaned, depends on your individual needs?

Cleaning Up Unexpected Messes

One way to cut down on additional cleaning expenses is by cleaning up accidental spills. Your office cleaning services may not include carpet cleaning. If you have a major spill, the company may charge extra to come in and handle the issue.

When accidents happen, have supplies on hand to clean up the mess. Usually, warm water and carpet cleaner will do the trick. Avoid using chemicals that can stain or fade the carpet.

If your efforts are unsuccessful, call a professional carpet cleaning service.

Replace Carpet in Heavy Traffic Areas

As a response to keeping office carpet clean, some property owners have chosen to replace the carpet in high traffic areas with ceramic tile or wood flooring.

High-traffic areas are considered to be aisles, hallways, lobbies, and common areas such as breakrooms. Supply closets that contain chemicals are another place you may want to remove carpets.

Use Carpet Protectors

Utilize vinyl or plastic mats to help keep office carpet clean. Not only will mats reduce damage to office carpeting, but they also preserve the carpet.

Use them under employee’s desks. Not only will it catch spills from beverages, but mats also help chair wheels roll smoothly on the carpet.

Carpet mats at entryways remind people to wipe the soles of their shoes when entering the building.

Say No to Dirty Carpet

Keeping the office carpet clean is more manageable when everyone does their part. It’s a given your office carpet will need cleaning, but if you follow these steps, your carpet will last longer.

We hope this article answered the question, how often should office carpet get cleaned. For more business tips and trends, please keep browsing our site to get great information.

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