Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the ninth-largest retail airline in the United States, Allegiant airlines was founded in January 1997 by Jim Patterson and Mitch Allee (owner, CEO), Allegiant air . Allegiant Travel company. with 101 plus aircraft in its fleet flying within and beyond America, the company furnishes a detailed travel experience. if you need Allegiant flight tickets contact  Allegiant Airlines official site .


Allegiant flies to numerous destinations. The few busiest airports are listed below:

  1. Orlando/Sanford, Florida
  2. St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Florida
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Punta Gorda/Fort Myers, Florida
  5. Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona


Allegiant follows this policy of introducing their flights’ upcoming schedule six to nine months in advance making it convenient and beneficial for the customers to find the cheapest flights and book their flights with Allegiant. This not only satisfies the customers but also keeps them binding!!


Cheap flights to Las Vegas starting at $29. Well recognized for its breath-taking recreation, Las Vegas offers visitors live shows and performances, enthusiastic nightlife, family-friendly allures, and recreations. Allegiant Las Vegas furlough packages condense low-cost flights to Las Vegas with cheap hotels in Las Vegas and cheap car rentals.


Well, the answer is, “When the airline is providing an offer to plan” because literally you can plan at any point of time and you won’t be disappointed by the visit.


Though no number of reasons and attractions we tell would do justice to the beauty of the city until and unless you yourself actually do visit and praise the beauty. Well, here’s a list of a few things you’ll have to include in your to go to as soon as you get there:

  • THE LAS VEGAS STRIP– A trip to Vegas without having been to the Las Vegas strip is the same as having pizza without cheese! This world-famous street is home to endless hotels, cafes, shopping outlets, and a lot more. The street not only boasts live entertainment and music but you can also find zombie street dancers and house pets too. Or wait! How about holding a giant mug of wine and strolling around!?
  • INCREDIBLE WINE AND FOOD – the city is not only famous for its wine and vibrant life but it offers incredible food too! Located in MGM Grand, a gastronome’s delight hosted by France’s “Chef of the Century” at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon is a perfect spot to stop for perfect dining or Picasso at Bellagio is another foodie’ delight attracting endless eaters a day!! The city is home to uncountable bistros and bars. Walk into any bar at the Strip or Downtown and taste the authentic Fizz Noir or Fizz Fraise and indulge in the active nightlife!!
  • NEVER LACKS FUN – when we talk about Vegas, we talk about nightlife, gambling, sexy glamour, and never-ending fun!! The city is literally an escape from your monotonous life to a parallel universe. And if you haven’t been here yet your entire travel list is incomplete and you’ll trust this as soon as you get there. Contact  with Allegiant Airlines Reservations helpline number .