The right keywords are one of the most important elements of SEO. Your website has to have the best options for keywords. What to do? How to find the best keywords? 

We think the best thing is Keyword audit 

Keyword audits provide insight into which keywords your site rank for and which are driving traffic to your website. You’ll be able to validate if your keywords are optimal to bring qualified traffic to your website. 

You will also be able to see what traffic keywords bring to your site, what is the volume of the keyword. 

What is Keyword audit?

An audit of indexed keywords on one specific site, where the user can find out which keywords are ranked in a particular Google TOP 100 spot and what specific internal page is associated with that particular keyword. In our case, we also offer our clients a breakdown of all available keywords by position.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is one of the first steps in a complete SEO project. An SEO audit is necessary to assess the current situation of a website and to develop a strategy for improving the website for both search engines and the user. An SEO audit also takes into account the current position of the largest competitors in order to compete with the sites on the first pages of search engines. A search engine friendly site will always rank higher on Google and other search engines, which means more sales and profits. No SEO project can do without an SEO audit, so if you want to increase the visibility of your website and make more profit, an SEO audit is just necessary.

Google Analytics Audit

Why is a Google Analytics audit so important? Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for marketing which supports data-driven decisions – so you can invest more into what is working and reduce investment in what is not. However, a tool like this is no use to anybody if it’s set up incorrectly. This is where we come in. We have audited and configured hundreds of Google Analytics accounts to provide the correct visibility/insights for each of our clients. We identify what data you require in order to support your data-driven decisions. Ensuring that your data is accurate and usable.

A Google Analytics audit can help you with the configuration of your Analytics account for proper website performance tracking, eliminate spam sessions, and ensure goal tracking is set up and working correctly.

The audit focuses on the pain points outlined during the discovery session, but may ultimately reveal data integrity issues, along with opportunities for enhancement. We’ll create recommendations for immediate changes and additions to be made to your Google Analytics configuration, while establishing a larger plan for implementation and customization.

In conclusion

If you want to know all the keywords that are associated with your site, you have the option to purchase such an audit online. * All data on keyword positions and monthly queries are obtained from

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