Introduction to Kissanime Website 

Anime movies are consistently becoming popular with time. The number of viewers of the website is increasing consistently across the world. People have started showing their strong interests in watching anime series, because of which we need good websites containing anime series. Here comes the role of the Kissanime website, which is an excellent option for various anime lovers. Experts in maintaining the website are working very hard to provide excellent anime stuff to their viewers to achieve ultimate fun and Entertainment. 

Features of Kissanime Website 

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  • Beautifully Designed Homepage 

Its beautifully designed website homepage can observe the quality of the Kissanime website. Other than providing a user-friendly interface, the homepage lets you get anything of your choice from the icon or by searching it by its name. 

  • Excellent Quality and Exclusive Collections with Latest Updates

Kissanime has an exclusive collection of anime movies, anime series, cartoons, and TV shows. Especially, its anime has HD quality of series to entice the viewers. Kissanime site includes a huge list of various latest updates related to anime series. 

  • Free to Use with the Facility of Uploading Anime  

An interesting aspect of the Kissanime website is that it is free to use. Furthermore, users get the chance to make requests for uploading their different anime kinds of stuff on the homepage. 

  • Availability of Subtitles with Dubbed and Subbed Versions 

Kissanime website provides most of its stuff in -Japanese language, and each of them has subtitles in English. However, a few of them also provides subbed and dubbed versions. 

  • Does not Need Registration 

The best thing about the Kissanime website is that it does not need to complete Registration or sign up to view the anime series or anime videos. 

Account Creation in the Case of Kissanime Website 

Kissanime is one of the safest anime streaming websites. It allows you were watching anime series and anime movies of your choice free of cost. Creating an account followed by sign in for the Kissanime website is not mandatory. However, doing so will give you better results. 

Benefits to Watch Anime Series via Kissanime Website 

Kissanime is one of the popular anime websites, which lets users watching a wide range of anime series with the help of the internet for free. The website has plenty of benefits, which include-

  • Kissanime allows you to enjoy the latest collections associated with anime movies. 
  • The website allows you to report any problem directly. 
  • If you want to watch any of your favorite series, you may request to upload it on the Kissanime homepage. 

Whether Kissanime is Safe and Legal 

If you have to use the Kissanime website, you have the right to know two different things about it. These are the safety and legacy of the website. 

While asking for safety, we should say that the website is safe. Accordingly, you have to share your details for using the website. These are name, mobile number, and details related to a credit card. However, the website never influx any of your details when you use the website. 

On the other side, no one can say that the Kissanime website is illegal. However, downloading any anime series from the website is unlawful even though it does not cause any harm to you. 

Alternative Kissanime Websites to Enjoy Anime Videos and Anime Series

A few of the countries consider Kissanime an illegal website. Because of this, such countries have blocked or banned the website completely. Now, the question that comes to the mind of people belonging to such countries is what are the alternative websites to enjoy anime videos over the internet safely and that too at free of cost. For this, we have shared a few of the names as follows- 

1. Ani Watcher

Screeenshot of Ani Watcher

Ani watcher is one of the popular websites to watch varieties of anime movies and series. The website regularly uploads trending episodes to its homepage. Besides, the website uploads ongoing series with dubbed and subbed versions. Ani watcher also contains a user-friendly Interface and contains a variety of HD quality stuffs to entice users. The site assures safety and does not mandate users for login or Registration. Only you have to register yourself to Ani watcher if you want to comment on any video. 

2. Anime Planet 

anime planet domain homepage screeshot

If you are willing to get a few of the popular anime series of the week with new anime recommendations, you must go with Anime Planet. While going through the website’s search option, you may likely come across 40,000 different legal anime episodes. Right from the launch of the Anime-Planet website in 2001, its presenters were working very hard only for the viewer’s Entertainment. The website has HD content and includes movies belonging to different genres to entice the viewers. 

3. 9anime 

9anime website homepage screenshot

9anime has different features, which are almost similar to the Kissanime website. The website has an exclusive collection of anime series and anime movies. Moreover, it regularly uploads series and movies along with their schedules to entice anime lovers. As you do not need to follow the registration process for accessing the website, you may consider 9anime the best alternative of Kissanime. You may even get subbed and dubbed versions of different anime series and videos. 

4. Anime Land 

animeland websites screenshot

Anime land provides the latest series of anime videos and movies. As one of the best sites, it has a huge collection of anime videos. Even you may get dubbed version of the website and is safe as well as easy to use. You do not have to register to use the Anime Land website. 

5. Crunchyroll 

crunchyroll websites screenshot

Launched in the year 2006, the Crunchyroll anime series website obtained the highest possible user base along with the Kissanime website. The website provides varieties of exclusive anime videos for all anime lovers. Other than anime, the website has various shows, even in multiple languages and in Japanese and English. The website has different categories, I.e., anime, music, manga, drama, Entertainment, and many more. The website has officially licensed content, which worth approximately 15,000 hours.

6. GoGoAnime 

GoGoAnime websites screenshot

GoGoAnime is the common name that comes to our mind whenever we create a list of the best alternatives of Kissanime website. Whether you want the latest, newest, rarest, and oldest anime collections, the website gives you everything you want. Besides the regular ones, you will find a tab that shows the new season to highlight the newly released anime collections to never miss out. Even if you do not know anime websites, you will get everything that gives you a huge worth. 

7. Masterani 

Screenshot of Masteranime homepage

Masterani is also a substantial website to stream varieties of anime videos. It allows easy usage, as it does not need to follow the signup process for the user. Instead, you only require an updated flash player to connect to your device to get the job done. You will get plenty of the latest uploads from the home page and can search the rest of the contents from the search tab. Even the website, as a specific schedule section in its menu, highlights each of the uploaded anime shows. 

8. A-Z Interface 

a-z interface homepage screenshot

If you are looking for the safest website to watch anime series, you must go with A-Z Interface. The site has an easy interface and has a huge collection of shows, movies, anime series, and manga series. Other than this, you may get both subbed and dubbed versions on the website. You will get cartoons, romance, action or adventure-based movies, horror movies, and other thrillers to enhance the Entertainment. Besides the best quality of videos, the website lets you vote and give ratings for anime series and movies after watching them. The website includes a huge list of upcoming and ongoing series while eliminating the need to register for the website. 

9. Kiss Manga 

kissmana domains homepage screenshot

Kiss Manga is another option for all anime lovers looking for good websites similar to Kiss Anime. The website is the right option for all looking to view anime belonging to different genres. Kiss Manga, as the name highlights, the website uploads a huge list of various Ongoing manga frequently. Other features include safe usage and a user-friendly interface. However, you have to register or log in to use the Kiss Manga website, which is the only aspect that differentiates it from the Kiss Anime website. 

10. OtakuStream

otakustream doamins homepage screenshot

Are you willing to watch anime of your choice online in HD format? If yes, you must go with the OtakuStream website. The website also provides animes with subbed versions in the English language. Even the website’s homepage has diverse animes episodes arranged in an exclusive order to ease the search work. Especially, the website is worth it for all who want to enjoy top anime series. Other features are safe and free to use. 

11. Kiss Asians 

kissasians domains screenshot, homepage

Kiss Asians website offers varieties of the latest anime series and movies and the facility to make requests to the favorite anime drama collections. Besides, the website allows you to report any error. The best thing is that Kiss Asians have HD quality videos and does not contain any advertisement. 

12. Horriblesubs 

Horrriblesubs domains home page screenshot

Horriblesubs is relatively new in the market and is of huge worth. The website allows both downloading and HD streaming of anime videos and anime series to serve as an excellent Kissanime alternative. Even if you check its database, you will find that website has plenty of engaging content and popular movies. 

There are so many websites similar to Kissanime. Given anime websites similar to Kissanime are similar websites, and mainly of the websites are enhanced than Kissanime. Whenever you look for various websites similar to Kissanime, you can select anyone from the kissanime above list.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What are Kissanime and its functions?

Kissanime is the acronym for Kissanime Animation, and it is a popular anime website for anime lovers. The website gives a huge collection of movies, anime, manga and TV series, and so on HD quality. 

  • Shall I have to pay anything to use Kissanime?

No, you do not have to pay anything, as the website is available free of cost. 

  • Can I download anime movies or stories?

Yes, with Kissanime, you may download any of your favorite anime movies or stories directly from the website. 

  • How is the Kissanime website beneficial for anime lovers?

Kissanime website has excellent design, and it allows you are selecting the latest collections associated with animation movies and series. A prime benefit is that it allows you to report any of your problems and simultaneously lets you ask about downloading the series of your choice from it. 

  • Why should we prefer Kissanime?

Anime is in the mind of almost every individual. Hence, Kissanime is an excellent option to enjoy anime series. The website has a free HD stream to allow easy download of various high-quality content. 

  • What is Kissanime Reddit?

Kissanime has offered the facility of Kissanime on Reddit. Here, you get the chance to ask your questions and get answers instantly. 

  • How can I know whether Kissanime contains a virus or not?

Kissanime is free from any type of virus, because of which you may use it without any hesitation. 


Kissanime is one of the popular streaming websites to watch anime movies and series online. The site contains a vast collection of various anime series with many subbed and dubbed versions. Along with this, the stuff available here is of HD quality, and anime belongs to diverse genres.

If you find the device not working in your device, you may try any of the available alternative websites mentioned here. These websites are well-designed and work in the almost same way, as you expect the function of Kissanime. You will find features of the alternative websites same and can be used safely. Indeed, if you find a particular website is not available to your phone or PC and creating errors, you may switch to the alternative one.