Show Off Your Curves Effortlessly in Body Positive Swimwear

Summer is around the corner, and the hardest thing about approaching summers is choosing the right bikini swimwear for the season. This is because every woman has different body dimensions which keep wearing between different seasons, hence it is difficult to determine the numbers and standard sizes that will fit perfectly. A poorly fitting swimsuit can be visible immediately as the body is displayed in a storefront while wearing bikinis. Therefore, to not ruin the vacation vibe or beach time, it is important to find out a perfect size swimsuit that hugs your body effortlessly. 

This article can prove useful to you if you have never been satisfied with the uncomfortable and unflattering choices of swimsuits made to date. We have gathered up the list of stylish yet comfortable fits suitable for every body type so that you can get your perfect match. Suppose you have a curvy body or incline towards more of an athletic shape. In that case, there is an endless list of body positivity swimwear narrowed down below to show off your curves perfectly and feel confident in your skin. However, it is your responsibility to pick the top-notch quality, color, and style of your swimsuit that matches your preferences. Let us talk about different body types and the varieties of swimwear they should carry:

1. Straight

The waist of the straight body type is slightly smaller, while the bust and hips are of the same size. Women looking to create an illusion of more curves can go for a two-piece swimsuit that segregates the upper body from the lower. Additionally, adding refers to the two-piece bikini suits creates a fuller-looking bust, and external padding can also be added for that purpose. If you wish to carry a one-piece swimsuit, go with the one that has asymmetrical cutouts, creating an hourglass figure.

2. Pear Shaped

As the name suggests, the pear-shaped body has larger hips than the bust, and the Waves slopes out to the hips. A pear-shaped body is heavy at the bottom, and women usually struggle to make their hips or lower body appear smaller. Eventually, a two-piece swimsuit with a padded bra and high waist bottom can be the perfect choice to make an illusion of the divided weight of your body. Moreover, you experiment with new patterns and designs to create an hourglass figure and minimize the attention in the midsection of the body. 

3. Hourglass

The best and hips of an hourglass figure are basically of the same size with a well-defined waist. Women with an hourglass figure can pull off any type of swimsuit film. However, if you wish to enhance your bust, go for padded, underwired, push-up bras that highlight your cleavage and the complete upper body. One-piece swimsuits perfectly hug hourglass figures, especially the one made with cutout sides that enhances the appearance of your curves.

Get in touch with the Vancouver swimwear company to explore the numerous varieties of swimwear and choose the one that perfectly fits your body dimensions!