rock testing equipment for construction

With the advancement of the various field, our country has developed in several sectors, building and construction have become part of the progress. Most of the rocks cannot be used directly in the pure form so many rock testing equipment for construction is used to check the potency and flexibility of a rock. Rocks are used to construct countless buildings, dams, tunnels, and statue and so, so the finest quality of the rock is of preferred and is of utmost importance.

Machinery for Testing Rock:

Nowadays one can find multitudinous machines in order to verify the quality of the rock, some of them are mentioned below:-

●     Core Drilling Machine: – This machine is used to drill the rock and take out the core of it as a sample used for further tests. The machine has the capacity of drilling up to 100 mm dia, it is useful in drilling both small and big core, although for big core the bottom of the drilling device has to be tightened to the ground using bolt.  One has the facility of choosing a core drilling machine according to their need, some even have the capability of 150 mm dia, moreover one can get a different core machine for roads.

●     Point Load Tester: – Through the help of this equipment, one can examine the intensity of the rock. The best feature of the machine is it is light weighted and can be carried while traveling too, furthermore the load capacity of the device is 100 kN. These days one has the facility to buy a digital point load tester which is easier to use.

●     High-Pressure Triaxial Cells: – It is one of the modern machines specifically designed for the testing of rock. The machine is configured in such a way that it has four drilling position- horizontal pressure, center pressure, and apex drainage system and in addition the machine has support pressure too.

●     Rock Cutting Machine: – It helps in cutting the rock of each and every shape and size, it machine functioning of moist cutting too

●     High-Pressure Controllers:- The regulators are configured to preserve force at the fixed value including the deceased weight regardless of any circumstances that take place between the process. The gadget operates supported through the voltage supply of 440 volts, 3 phase, and not in than 50 Hz. With the availability of digital high-pressure controllers in the market, one can easily handle the apparatus.

●     Rock bolt Pull out Test Gadget: – The functioning and supreme abilities of the rock bolt anchors are calculated via this system. Separate adapters are supplied along with the high tensile test rod which can be used in diverse situations.

The above-stated rock analysis equipment is extremely useful, and productive, one can know the exact tendency of the rock through them. Furthermore, the person using these types of machinery can easily save time and energy; digital devices are quite handy and accessible by anyone.