The best mobile location tracker for parents
The best mobile location tracker for parents

You work for the future of your kids and make happy them and want success in your life. You want to give them a safer and good environment to grow healthy life. The most of time you are not with them so how you can do that? You kids are using mobile phones how to defend themselves, significantly against the threats of the web atmosphere. It’s possible during this trendy age through a mobile phone tracker, so you can track the cell phone of your kids like parental control software package, and FamiSafe is among the simplest alternatives price considering.

It is among the foremost acceptable tools for parental control. The FamiSafe parental control app will provide you complete control on your kid’s mobile to track location, check web browsing history, uninstall apps, installation of application access like you will receive notifications and alerts and reports, and many other options. Let me introduce some of the features of the FamiSafe parental control app.

Key Features of FamiSafe Parental control app

  • Efficiently track kids like Geo-Fencing.
  •  It will monitor the kid’s phone remotely and limit its use.
  •  Easy to put in from legitimate sources and transfer.
  •  No needed Jail-breaking or roots.
  •  Includes a free 3-Day Trial.
  •  Other distinctive options of FamiSafe

Let’s discuss features of FamiSafe with details 

Tracking Location 

It is one of FamiSafe most typically used options. Once you’re out of reach together with your children, it’s onerous to inform whether or not they’re healthy or precisely wherever they’re. Folks are anxious concerning their youngsters strolling back from college within the late hours.

You will keep track of your kid’s position in any respect times with FamiSafe. To decide on the places, they need been to throughout the day, and at what time, you’ll be able to conjointly check their position histories.

Track Use of App

We all savvy straightforward it’s for kids to become captivated with such a screen time app, particularly social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By programming deadlines wherever such applications are blocked from their phones, you’ll be able to facilitate implement that.

Parents conjointly get a full record of applications downloaded by youngsters. When, and for the way long, you will be able to ascertain that software package they’ve used. It will assist you to decide that and what applications to ban.

Monitoring internet Material

A useful location would be the net. However, it’s still choked with obscene and violent material which will be prejudicial to very few folks. You will decipher that pages your children square measure visiting with this feature and ban any questionable or undesirable sites.

Websites Filter

You may use FamiSafe to filter websites supported teams, because it is fashionable different parental management apps. The browsers supported embody Chrome and campaign. Violence and adults square measure a number of the mentioned classes.

Monitoring Screen Time

For some periods, this feature offers the flexibility to lock your phones. At bedtime, for example, you must lock their devices – thus they’re not disturbed.

Remotely tracking 

You ought not to reach your kid’s phone once more till you’ve found out about the program. All things will handle online remotely just with your laptop etc.

Driving Report

With such a tremendous app, it’s attainable to urge a fine report of the driving habits that your child has. You will be able to see the driving activities like over rushing, high speed, and even parking brake to call some. You will be able to search for the individual driving of the child to an exact route, top seeing, and behavior of the child once riding.

How much is FamiSafe expected to cost?

FamiSafe implements a model targeted at subscriptions. Even so, you may twig across 3 separate times of subscription:

– Monthly: USA $9.99.

– Quarterly: USA $19.99.

– Annually: the $59.999.

You also will cross-check a 3-Day free trial before shopping for FamiSafe because it offers an effort for all options. You will be able to purchase it from Google Play. As such, all refund requests should be sent to the Google Play or Apple App Store platforms.

Here are the links available to download this app 

Apple store

Google play



In this growing era of technology, it’s become crucial to stay track of your child’s online activities. Kids usually offended their privacy online and waste their time on apps that ought to solely be employed in their time off.

A parent cannot keep around his or her kid and keep a watch on all the activities of the kid. Therefore, the FamiSafe parental management app can assist you to manage your child’s online activities and track the period location