Searching Engine Optimizing SEO Browsing Concept

Do you know that a good position in the SERP result can drive 8 times more clicks to your website? That is why you need SEO, and must not overlook it for your eCommerce platform.

However, eCommerce SEO tactics that were effective in the past years may not be the perfect choice for the coming years. You can find different SEO trends. It is better to go through a guide on how to do SEO for your eCommerce website. Minor pitfalls can cause you to lose organic traffic for your digital store.

Start researching keywords

Your first step is to search for the product-related keywords and add them to your eCommerce website content. But, how will you do that?

●        As Amazon is an eCommerce giant, it can be the goldmine for your keyword research. You can easily find long-tail keywords and use them with some variations.

●        Another option for you is to use a keyword tool dominator that provides you the most relevant keywords.

●        SEMRush is an analytical tool helping you to find keywords used by your competitors.

Work on the architecture of your eCommerce website

The size of your eCommerce site is not a factor. Its architecture can make a difference. When you have a CMS-based eCommerce website, you do not need to be concerned about this architecture. A simple website structure ensures that your product pages are only a few clicks away the landing page.

One of the best tips for you is to add a breadcrumb tail to let Google understand your site’s hierarchy. Historical-based breadcrumbs reveal the path chosen by the user of a website.

Moreover, you have to add some internal links to every product page. Interlinking to different product pages is one of the important steps.

On-page SEO guide for your eCommerce store-

Now, you have to deal with on-page SEO elements of your digital store.

●        Prepare a list of keywords using the best tools as mentioned earlier. However, you must add relevant keywords on special occasions. For instance, in the month of December, you can choose the keyword, Best Christmas Deals. Insert keywords to your product page, main page, and category page.

●        The eCommerce voice SEO is another notable factor for your digital marketing campaign. You can write product descriptions in a conversational style. For instance, you may choose sentences, like- Show Me (product name) Reviews, How will (product name) benefit me?

●        Accelerate the page speed- Page speed is one of the major signals to Google algorithms. The low page loading speed can affect your website rank. You may use Google’s web page speed test tool for the e-commerce portal.

●        Write the best descriptions for your eCommerce product. There is no rule to instruct you on writing the product descriptions. However, the use of a few words can make those descriptions highly effective.  For instance, you may add the phrases, like Free Shipping and Good Selection. The length of the description will be from 300 to 800 words. The primary keywords must be used more than 3 times. Add 3 to 5 links to the descriptions. Moreover, it is better to include the Testimonial section on every product page.

●        Display product reviews with snippets- When you desire a high rank in the organic search result, you have to add Google’s rich snippets. Google focuses on those snippets for product ratings and reviews.

Off-page SEO elements for your eCommerce site

After dealing with the on-site elements, you have to manage your off-site SEO campaign. With affiliate programs, partnerships, link building, and sponsorships, you can be successful.

The best tactics for the link building campaign are-

●        Social bookmarking

●        Citations

●        Web 2.0 links

●        Blog comments

●        Q/A websites

Google algorithms will try to measure your website’s authority. To gain a higher ranking in the search result, you need to get relevant links from other sites.

Another option for you is to make partnerships with affiliate sites related to your industry. You need to pay commission to those sites while they sell your products. The best fact is that your partnerships will help you to increase sales and decrease your stress.

The best way of promoting your eCommerce site is the blogger outreach. Look for the best bloggers who write blogs about your industry. You may also ask influencers to add your product names and promotional offers to their blogs. Some bloggers will do it for you at free of cost, while others will charge an amount.

However, make sure that you have partnered with the right influencers. In addition, there are also micro-influencers who can attract only the local audience.

Now, you have understood what you should do for the SEO of your eCommerce store. With consistent effort, you can take your SEO campaign to a different height and achieve the best result.