Tips for an Effective Virtual Trade Show Booth

The year 2020 has resulted in the upheaval of events in day to day lives. With the unforeseen advent of the coronavirus global pandemic, events around the world either got postponed or cancelled completely. It resulted in dipping down many businesses and affected the revenue generations severely. To move ahead with the changing times and keep the business going, organisations and businesses leveraged virtual event technology. Virtual events gained up its pace and became immensely popular over the past few months. Every other organization who never thought about hosting events online transformed their physical events into a virtual space. The sudden spike in the number of virtual event platforms on the internet today, states all. Right from organizing day to day virtual meetings, conferences to virtual trade shows and job fairs, a comprehensive virtual event platform serves all. Nowadays, hosting events online has become the new norm to reach a large number of attendees remotely due to the restrictions imposed on travelling and social distancing. Virtual events overcome various barriers associated with traditional events such as geographical constraint or space limitations. The perks offered by virtual events are far beyond the capabilities of conventional in-person events.

Virtual Trade Shows: Moving traditional trade shows in visually rich environment

Transforming live physical trade shows into virtual trade shows is the most difficult one in line. The newness of the event format and complete dependency on the technology left exhibitors and sponsors in flux. But, the benefits served by virtual trade shows made them think twice. Today, industry exhibitors and sponsors are more willing to participate in virtual trade shows. Online trade shows offer them a chance to showcase their offerings to a wider segment of audience globally at a single click. Apart from increased reach, better attendance, exposure, engagements, improved ROI, generating more qualified leads, complete data analytics reports, digital footprinting are some other virtual trade shows benefits.

To organize an effective virtual trade show, selecting a comprehensive virtual event platform is a must that offers customizable services. The platform that enables you to customize 3d virtual trade show booths suiting your brand image the same as in-person trade shows are the ones to go with. It helps in delivering real-time immersive experiences to attendees while keeping them engaged throughout. The platform that offers live chat functionality that enables remote attendees to have 1:1 interactions with virtual booth representatives helps in improving conversations at your virtual trade show booths. However, resulting in making your virtual trade show a huge success. In this post, we have enumerated a few tips to create an effective virtual trade show booth to make your virtual trade show stand apart. To know more, scroll down:

How to create an effective virtual trade show booth?

Once you decide to take your trade show online, you get started with planning and strategizing to ensure success. Firstly, before you start planning the virtual trade show, outline your budget and what you want to achieve. Once you know the purpose of organising the virtual trade show, look for the right technology and get started to tap ample attendees around the globe. To make your virtual trade show successful organising an effective virtual trade show booth is a must to generate communications with prospects globally. Here are a few tips that help you create an effective virtual trade show booth. Let’s get started!

1. Select the right technology

Firstly, leveraging the right technology is a must to organise an effective virtual trade show booth. Select a virtual trade show platform that offers a 3d virtual event set up. The platform that enables you to customise your virtual trade show booth suiting your brand image is the one to look for. Right from placing the brand logo, background color, theme customise your virtual trade show booth accordingly. It helps in delivering immersive experiences to remote attendees the same as physical events. Apart from it, look for the no audience capping feature in the platform while making a final choice. It helps you to host limitless attendees without any restriction on numbers.

2. Enable real-time interactions via live audio-video chats at virtual booths

Virtual trade shows enable remote attendees to have 1:1 or group interactions with virtual booth representatives in real-time. The platform must facilitate live audio/video/text chats that allow attendees to have conversations at virtual booths & ask queries. The introverts at a physical trade show who can’t cross through the crowds can easily connect with virtual booth representatives.

3. Never block the front of your virtual booth

Same as traditional booths, make sure to never block the front view with designs in virtual trade show booths. Always use dark colors background even in your virtual trade show booths to create a coherent transition. Try to remove any invisible barrier that can not be seen by a naked eye by using complementary colors.

4. Keep your virtual trade show booths simple

Keep the designs of your virtual trade show booths simple. The designs should not overshadow the relevant information. Do not fill your backdrops with ample texts. It may result in alienating attendees who never have an opportunity to know your company. Keep interesting info on the backdrop that evokes the interest of attendees in knowing your company rather than passing by.

5. Introduce engaging features

Introduce engaging features at your virtual booth to make it stand apart. You can incorporate live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, games, quizzes, etc. that helps in boosting engagements at your virtual trade shows. Engaging features helps in keeping your virtual attendees engaged with the event throughout.

6. Track valuable attendee data

Record every digital attendee’s footsteps and move at virtual trade shows. Track valuable attendee data at the virtual booths, what they interacted, commented, they liked and disliked, and so on. It helps in measuring the performance metrics of the virtual exhibition and helps in figuring out the impediments to work on for future exhibitions.

We have mentioned some of the very effective virtual trade show booth tips that help in making your virtual trade show stand apart. Hope this article will help you to set up an exceptional virtual trade show and offer enormous opportunities to showcase your offerings and expand your visibility.

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