Online Physics tutor
Tips to become a successful Online Physics tutor

Whether it is O level Physics or A level Physics, Physics has always been a subject which students struggle to understand and grasp its concepts. There is an ever-increasing demand for physics jobs singapore due to students’ need for external learning support, thus engaging a tutor to steer their learning trajectory. 

Given that we are in the midst of the COVID pandemic now, there is an inevitable shift from the traditional classroom teaching pedagogy to online based methods of education. This sudden transition in teaching method may pose challenges to educators in the form of technological difficulties or perhaps the struggle to capture the attention of students on Zoom. While these challenges are valid, they can be easily overcome and eradicated. Follow the tips and strategies listed down below and you will be on your way to becoming an A-star online Physics tutor. So, fret not!


This goes without saying that the first step would be to decide on an online meeting platform to engage your students. There is a myriad of online software teaching tools which tutors can use. They range from Microsoft Teams, Google classroom, Skype to the widely used Zoom. These are suitable for online teaching and remote learning due to the various functionalities they possess. Zoom, for instance, has screen sharing, stream recording and chat box functions which will greatly enhance the overall learning process. 

Before starting, always ensure that you are teaching in a quiet and conducive environment, free from auditory distractions. Wifi connection is important too, so as to ensure you don’t leave your student alone in the meeting room…


Let’s say your first assignment is Secondary 4 Physics home tuition and you have slides ready prepared for the student. It will always be good to send a copy of the slides to your student a day before the lesson. This is so to facilitate his/her learning and that they are able to follow during the lesson. Additionally, ensuring that your audio and camera are working properly before the lesson is a must.


Talking to the screen continuously may be a bit mundane, so you can take it up a notch by sharing some youtube videos. Videos are a good way to engage your students as well as reinforce certain concepts. Showing one or two videos on Newton’s Law is a feasible alternative to your own verbal explanation or words on the slides. The visual stimulations which videos provide will help to ensure you get your student’s undivided attention. 


When you are teaching online, it is crucial that you are fully dedicated to your students. Knowing your student’s learning style is important to helping them ace that Physics mid-term or final exam. Different individuals have varying learning styles such as kinaesthetic, visual or auditory. 

Showing a visual learner concise charts and diagrams of a concept in Oscillations and Waves for example can greatly help them build a good foundation. I urge you to be creative and engage tools that would cater most effectively to your student’s learning style. 


Last but not least, tests are always a good way to evaluate your student’s grasp of the concept. Play a round of Kahoot! or Quizlet to gauge their understanding. Polls on Zoom are also a convenient way to get students to think and put into practice what they have learnt. This way, students can effectively assess their areas of strengths and weaknesses!

The thought of teaching Physics , a subject which is full of concepts and calculations, online can be daunting. However, there are also advantages of online teaching and learning, such as doing it from the comfort of your own home. With these tips in mind, you will be on your way to becoming a successful online Physics tutor!