Indian culture and heritage are a fusion of many different cultures and religions that have lived and passed by it in the long decades it has seen. Ever since the first human civilisation, the Indus valley civilisation, the cultures and traditions of the world have been gathering in the Indian subcontinent. Out culturalpractices and heritage are the evidence of this blend over the years. One such charming memento of this concoction of cultures are the traditional jewelleries. Traditionaljewelleries are not just pretty ornaments used to decorate oneself but family heirlooms that pass down generations and speak of their histories. In the Indian subcontinent especially, a piece of traditional jewellery holds a special place in the family culture. It is passed down fromthe mother of the family to the daughter-in-law/daughter who then passes it down to her daughter/daughter-in-law. This builds a connection in the generations of the family andbrings the family history closer.

Beautiful designs

As the saying goes ‘old is gold’ the charm and beauty of a traditional necklace is undisputedly the best. Whocan deny the sheen and charm of beautifully studded jhoomar or mangtika? Not only are these jewellery pieces known for their ability to enhance the natural beauty of a woman but also for the pinch of elegance and femineity they add to almost any outfit. The best way to bring justice to the beauty of a tadeonaljewelleryis to match it with an equally beautifultraditional outfit and nothing less. This perfect combination is sure to make the heart of anyone melt.

Strong meaning and significance

Indian traditionaljewelleryis not only meant for beaty and charm but also for symbolising the blessing of the gods and the elders. Even the everyday used jewellery, mangal sutra, is worn to bring prosperity and happiness in the life of married woman. It is believed that this piece of jewellery is the blessing of gods forwellbeing of one’s married life and thus, it has become the part of many Indian women’s everyday jewellery. There are many other examples like these which can show the deep meaning an importance of each piece of jewellery that exists in the Indiantraditionaljewelleries.


For the Indian families, traditionaljewelleries are not only for religiousorornamentalpurposes but also are a part of investment. Almost every traditional jewellery is made with use of preciousmetal or gemstones. This makes them very expensive and valuable. As they are made with such precious metals, their price is only bound to go higher in the future. Thus, these traditionaljewelleries also act as an investment or insurance for the Indian families. Buying authentictraditionaljewelleries thus is an integral part of the Indian culture since the ancient decades.

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