Onlinre prenatal yoga training and class by shristi foundation

The delivery is clear, informative, digestible, and easy to learn. The training is packed with important information and great reference tools to get you started. 

 The quality of distance training is not lost, and I keep more of this training than any other yoga training based on the quality of the material delivery.

 Prenatal Yoga Classes

The course gave me not only so many insights into the prenatal and postnatal yoga world but also a deeper understanding of the physiology of the female body. 

 It offered the perfect balance between science and spirituality, led by a beautiful, wise, and radiant teacher, with a wealth of information presented in a not overwhelming format. 

I love the pattern course we were given and how we moved through it and felt it in our bodies and used our bellies. I feel comfortable creating round prenatal sequences and teaching them. 

 I kept in touch with some great classmates. Thank you for the information you have provided within the framework of the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program. It was empowering, insightful, and reassuring.

“I am grateful to all of you in Shristi Prenatal Yoga. Your insight into the miracles and wonders of birth is a spiritual gift. Your compassion and love for pregnant clients and your obvious intuitive empathy for the pregnant psyche.

 Shristi Foundation Pregnancy Course

Christi Officials will contact you to arrange an interview. After an interview, both parties agree that training as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher will do you good, and until you are accepted into the program, I will be notified by e-mail. Discounts and early-bird discounts apply as well as a deposit once the application is made. 

This course is aimed at people who already have certified yoga teachers and have knowledge of yoga poses and yoga philosophy. It is assumed that the student has this knowledge. 

 During prenatal yoga teacher training, students receive a 160-page manual that Jennifer has thoroughly researched and written and is available in English and Chinese. No additional time is spent teaching basic poses.

Shristi Foundation Yoga offered an enlightening and thought-provoking training program that exceeded my expectations. I have been challenged to review my ideas and beliefs about pregnancy and culture to gain a better understanding of pregnancy and the obstacles that pregnant women face.

Jennifer is a trained teacher who helps women find their strength, power, dedication, and concentration through yoga. It integrates techniques that allow women to touch their bodies and the sensations they feel. 

 Pregnancy Care Techniques

 These techniques are particularly effective during labor and can help to change the anxious and negative perceptions many women have about childbirth.

Shristi has a 200-hour Registered Yoga School (RYS) Prenatal Yoga Certification but is in no way affiliated with the school or the Yoga Alliance. 

 The standards of the Yoga Alliance do not allow distance learning without the designation of a prenatal yoga specialist. No one is an extended arm of the student, no matter what.

One of the many benefits of online training is that you have unlimited access to a variety of prenatal yoga and Pilates classes offered by Mind Mats experts. 

 These courses are recorded live so that you can observe and participate as part of the mentorship part of your training. Pilates and bar classes are not included, but we encourage you to attend these classes on request.

Shristi Foundation online prenatal yoga training focuses on teaching a yoga practice that helps the pregnant woman to relax and strengthen her body and mind. 

 This training provides participants with a solid foundation for teaching asana poses, pranayama, breathing exercises, and meditation to pregnant women and includes additional pregnancy wellness classes. Location: Register now and keep your place.

 Language Utilization and Use

I loved Shristi’s use of language and teaching style. It created a safe space in which we could learn. Time flew by and she did a great job getting me involved and getting feedback along the way. I didn’t leave the house exhausted or exhausted. She was also very knowledgeable and experienced in prenatal yoga.

Scholarships: Over 100 scholarships are available for this course. Scholarships are awarded according to the principle of “first come, first served,” so early registration is recommended if you are interested in a scholarship. 

 Please contact us for details on how to apply for scholarships. The course includes 4 additional videos (not created by the Shristi Foundation School of Yoga). Some can be found online prenatal yoga classes for free, and 1-2 can be paid to watch.