Charming Gifts For Twin Infants
6 Charming Gifts For Twin Infants

Is your best buddy having twins? Newborns bring joy and create a familial bond between the parents. This gets doubled up when not one but 2 bundles of joys come home. To congratulate and celebrate the coming of twins, give the parents hampers and presents that reflect the grandeur of the occasion.

Now mind you, celebratory gifts need to be thoughtful for the parents too. They are welcoming the twins into their life. So, there must be a celebratory cake that cherishes their accomplishments. Opt for a theme-based dessert from a premium cake delivery in Delhi service.

Gifts for the twins

Sure, shopping for gifts for the newborn twins can be overwhelming, given that whatever you buy, you have to buy it in a pair. However, the indisputable cuteness of it all makes the task slightly easier. Besides, now that e-commerce is quickly gaining popularity, shopping has become quite consumer-friendly. Whether you have time constraints or the retail shops give you a hard time every time, an online gifting store is a respite at such times. It is efficient, convenient, and reasonable. With choices in varieties and available for comparison, it is easier to decide what to buy. Moreover, the wide range of options enables you to select something suitable for everybody, even newborn twins.

Here are some ideas some gift ideas for the little double bundle of joys:

  • Baby book: One of the gifts to give at a baby shower is a traditional baby book. The purpose of the baby book is to record the progress of a baby’s growth. New parents like to store their kids’ first locks of hair, tooth, hand, and footprints, the first words they said, etc. However, one book might not suffice for newborn twins. Hence, giving them a set of two personalised baby books would be thoughtful.
  • High chair: An object of extreme requirement, a high chair is a boon especially during feeding time. Fuss-free and safe, it holds the baby comfortably in one place. Parents prefer it so much. If it can prove to be so beneficial for single babies, imagine how convenient a gift it would be for a mother of twins.
  • Twin stroller: A smart invention in the baby equipment section, a double baby stroller is another fundamental necessity for new parents of twins. Comparatively, it is a costly gift. However, knowing that the babies will be comfortable and safe makes it worth every penny. Its sturdy construction, safety precautions, and extra additions make it the best choice of gift for newborn twins.
  • Matching pair of clothes: This is probably the most adorable gift you can give to newborn twins. You can buy similar pieces for both of them, match them or pair them as famous pairs. For instance, they can have matching caps, bibs, booties, etc. Or, you can buy them sweaters designed as superheroes.
  • Twin baby bag: As it is, new parents can never have enough of baby products, such as diapers, clothes, washcloths, towels, baby wipes, etc. When there is just one baby. Understandably, the requirement would be twice the quantity in the case of twins. Therefore, a bigger, twin baby bag will be able to accommodate as much as food and other utility products for the babies.
  • Other personalized gifts: Some parents decide the names of babies even before it is born. If you too are aware of the names, personalise your gift to make it extra special. Some of the personalised newborn baby gifts include monogrammed blankets, clothes, booties, etc., engraved money boxes, and baby photo frames. If you wish, you can even give them engraved silver jewelry, baby combs, feeding set, etc.

Each of these gift ideas is better than the other and is easily available online. Despite that, when you buy online newborn baby gifts, keep the safety of the baby in mind. Cloth items should be baby skin-friendly and the toys should not be a choking hazard. Hence, it is important that you research properly what is appropriate and what is not before you spend your money.